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Trailer, Lawn & Garden Tires

Shop Specialty Tires for Work & Recreation

Trailer, Lawn & Garden Tires in Bluffton, OH

Whether you're preparing to mow the lawn or haul the boat to the lake, you need good tires to get the job done. When your riding mower or trailer needs new tires, visit Tommy Tire Sales. We make it easy to get the replacement tires you need to keep your property and hauling capabilities at their best.

We serve Bluffton, OH, Ada, OH, Toledo, OH, and surrounding areas.

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Trailer, Lawn & Garden Tires for Sale

Our specialty tire selection includes:

  • Boat Trailer Tires
  • Horse Trailer Tires
  • Lawnmower Tires
  • Push Mower Tires
  • Wheelbarrow Tires
  • Handcart Tires
  • Utility Trailer Tires
  • And More!

When shopping for replacement tires, make sure to purchase a tire that supports the weight of your equipment. A tire’s ply rating tells you how much weight it supports. The larger the ply number, the more weight the tire holds. Our sales staff is available for assistance if you have any questions.

Trailer, Lawn & Garden Tires in Ada, OH

Trailer Tires vs Passenger Tires

Trailer tires aren't designed like passenger tires for a car or light truck. This is due to the role each type of tire plays; it's also the reason tire manufacturers recommend you use ST-type tires (special trailer) on trailers. Why are there differences?

Passenger Tires: Designed with traction in mind, so you can turn and stop. These tires also feature flexible sidewalls that play a role in ride comfort.

Trailer Tires: Designed to follow a vehicle; these tires have stiff sidewalls to prevent sway; trailer or ST tires also feature higher load capacity ratings compared to passenger tires since they are expected to carry a heavier amount of weight.

Our trailer tire inventory includes options for utility trailers, boat trailers, horse trailers, camper trailers, travel trailers, and RV trailers.

Is it Time to Change My Lawn & Garden Tires?

Lawn & Garden Tires in Toledo, OH

Lawn and garden tires can last for years with proper care, but eventually you'll need to change them. Here are two signs that it's time for new tires:

    1) Low Tread: Bald tires and tires with low tread won't perform as well and can't provide the traction you need on the ground - especially after rain. You may even damage your lawn if there's no tread left.

      Tip: Check the tread depth of your tires with an upside down penny in one of the grooves. If you see Lincoln's head completely, start shopping for replacements.

    2) Dry Rot: If you notice dry rot or sidewall cracking, change your tires. Dry rot causes tires to lose air pressure and can cause a tire blowout.

      Tip: Prevent dry rot by storing tires out of the sun in a clean area. It's also a good idea to avoid cleaning products with harsh chemicals when cleaning your equipment and to make sure your tire pressure is at the correct level.

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